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Quick Setup

Login. Add a Package to PaketHub. Start installing or updating right away. It's that simple!

Easy Integration

Using BitBucket, GitHub, or GitLab to host your package, just login using your account and add package by 1-click.

Multi Repositories

Centralize all of your package repositories to PaketHub. Support BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, and other Composer repositories.

Use Anywhere

Using CI/CD or even manual deploying, don't worry. Install your package everywhere by using token.

Instant Version Update

A simple push to your repository then we'll get the newest package version for you, ready to update!

Blazing fast

Don't waste time maintaining your own Composer respository server. Our infrastructure is built for your needs.

We would like to improve this service! Your feedback and bug report are very valuable to us. Please email [email protected].